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Word Stand Services

Website Development

Get our Website Development retainer package!

Here's What You'll Get:

✔️🔑 WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT - ongoing website development on 1 WordPress website for the duration of the retainer package

✔️🔑 STRATEGY - work with you to develop an awesome marketing plan that targets your ideal audience with keywords, principles and strategies that work

✔️🔑 SECURE - we'll work on your website to secure it with periodic Backups, a Security suite (anti-virus, firewall, malware scans) and hidden login

✔️🔑 SEO-friendly - installation of SEO tools that will greatly enhance your ability to write better Blog posts and Webpages. This is key for your long term web presence strategy.

✔️🔑 SOFTWARE & PLUGINS - installation and updating of WordPress software and plugins

✔️🎁 BONUS: We'll work with you to help you plan out and develop better Blog posts

✔️🎁 BONUS: We'll give you the Tools and Frameworks needed to produce awesome videos that coordinate and connect your website with your Social Media accounts

✔️🎁 BONUS: Word Stand NEXT $97/month membership is included as a Bonus

Bonuses Included!

Please contact us first before ordering for a free consultation in Zoom to see if we can help you or point you in the right direction.

Website Development Spots Will Be Limited! Act Now To Save Your Spots!Note: As we're just beginning this service offering, please understand that prices will likely have to rise in the future so get in now while our prices are low.

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$97.00 (50% OFF)
$97.00 (50% OFF)
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Prices are per 1 WordPress website, and cannot be transferred to other websites.

Cancel at any time; simply send us an email to cancel in a no-pressure way.

The plugins we typically use are of no cost. Package does not include the cost of any special plugins or special software that you request. These you will need to purchase separately yourself.

As we invest much of our actual Time, Expertise and Resources to develop websites, all purchases are Final, and there are no refunds and no exceptions.

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